Saturday, July 3, 2010


So due to Disney being stupid and not coming up with anything that cool,(Take that Disney!) I've decided to close the blog. I know not many people read it but still just letting you know, as of now the blog is CLOSED.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Toon Parties?!

Sorry for not posting for so long but really what was there to post about?!

TT gave the Website a "Toon-up"!

And more Toon Parties? "What else do we have planned? Well, Toon Parties are already so much fun with Toons launching out of Cannons, bouncing on Trampolines, and shaking their shorts on the Dance Floor -- how could we make them better? By adding more things to do! That's right, the Toontown release sweeping the neighborhoods has a sequel, which is set to raise the fun meter past, well, past where the first release of Toon Parties had it set!"- Posted by ToonTown

Now there's also a place to send in all your great ideas! It's called The "ToonTown Improvement Project"! Here's a link: Player Feed Back

Friday, April 10, 2009

Toon Estates

Look what The Council posted  on "Gags 'n' Gears"

"Toon Estate Feedback
A Toon's Estate is more than a home ...
We are looking at expanding Toon Estates and want your feedback! What would you like to see next for Toon Estates?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

New house exteriors -- such as a giant cupcake, or a tiki-themed house.
New house interiors -- such as more rooms, or even a second floor.
Estate activities -- checkers, chess, maybe even practice Cog battles. More with Gardening, Doodles, or what other ideas can you come up with?

Please post your comments, and even if a comment doesn't get approved for posting, it will still be read by the Toon Council. So, let's hear what you think about Toon Estates!
Posted by: ToonCouncil                                                                                                   April 06, 2009"

I don't know 'bout you... But i think those "Few ideas" are pretty cool!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Toons Day!

Did Dice just say something... YES HE DID!!! Happy April Toons Day! I've got some pics so... Here they are!

So... Yeah... Just to clear things up... That IS a car coming out of the leader bored... You can now jump super high at your estate! Plus! Almost everybody that has their own playground has moved so for a limited time you can see pics of where they are on the GMG site!

Toon Parties is out!!!

Well sorry for not posting till today but..... Things came up... Anyway... Once again i will let The Toon Council tell you what's going on!

"Have a party with your Toon friends, or make new friends in a public party! Try your best Toon-moves on the Dance Floor, have a blasting good time with party Cannons, or see how high you can jump on a Trampoline! Even earn jellybeans while having a great time with your friends!

Visit any neighborhood Party Gate, and walk right up to the stairs to see what public parties are happening, or talk to a Party Planner to create your own party!

Toontown now has an in-game clock set to Pacific Time. Clocks are located at each Party Gate, and in your Shticker Book. Now you can easily coordinate your parties and other fun activities with your friends!

The Shticker Book has a new Events page, which is where all of your party information is located. Keep up-to-date on all of the fun with your Toon Calendar, and all of your parties with the Hosting and Invitations tabs" 

So that's Toon Parties!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Going to mammoth.....

Sorry everyone but i wont be able to do a post on Toon Parties till monday... I'm going to the snow! Check back on monday!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Boarding Groups!

Ever wanted to go in... Let's say... The VP without like 20 50 laffs?! NOW YOU CAN!!!
With "Boarding Groups"! A new feature that lets you... Wait a sec... Here... Just let them tell you... 

"What are Boarding Groups?
Boarding Groups provide players with an easy way to group with other players for entry into Cog HQs. A minimum of two Toons are required to form a Boarding Group, and players can create a group of either four or eight Toons to enter a Cog HQ elevator, depending on the elevator limit. At this time, Boarding Groups cannot be used for any other areas, such as Goofy Speedway, Chip 'n Dale's Minigolf, or Cog Buildings on Neighborhood streets.

How do Boarding Groups Work?
When players are in a Cog HQ lobby they can send invitations to other Toons to form a Boarding Group -- provided the Toon is eligible for that Cog HQ. To create a Boarding Group, select a Toon and click the Invite button at the bottom of their Toon detail panel. The first player to send an invitation that is accepted by another Toon is designated as that group's leader.

While any player in a Boarding Group can invite other Toons to join the group, a player cannot invite another Toon who is already part of an existing Boarding Group.

Once the group is created, the Boarding Group panel will become available on the left side of the screen. Depending on the Cog HQ lobby, either the four player or the eight player version of the Boarding Group panel will be displayed.

When the group is ready, the group leader can launch the Cog HQ elevator, and all Toons in the group will board together. Upon their arrival in the Cog HQ, the Boarding Group panel will disappear as the group has entered the HQ.

Please note: When you are part of a Boarding Group, you can not use the Go To button to teleport to another Toon."

ToonParties is coming soon... So stay TOONED..... Cheesyness it's so wonderful...